We Offer Weekly Pool Cleaning & Maintenance and Pool School

Pool Care Services List:
Hello and thank you for visiting DOCS of JAX | Service Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Our company has been serving Jacksonville since 2013 and we strive to be the best company out there. We offer weekly pool service at affordable rates, We also offer Pool School for the customers that want to brush up on their knowledge.
Our primary objective has always been to provide a full level of satisfaction to each customer while sticking to a friendly, comfortable and knowledgeable attitude. We thrive to provide the best customer service & we care about our customers,

We love seeing our work make a difference. We aim to please and take great joy in serving our customers.

So we thank you for the consideration. We hope that you have already gained the confidence to give us a call and request service now.

    . Clean skimmer and basket

    . Brush walls and floor of pool

    . Skim surface of pool

    . Clean cartridge filter

    . Backwash as needed

    . Hose Vacuum as needed

    . Test pool water chemistry Only

    . Ensure pool equipment is Working

    .Check Salt System & Levels
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T: 904.351.9852